Latest Work

Sending Google Reader posts to OmniFocus for Mac

I have recently started using both Google Reader and OmniFocus. I've found Reader to be a better way of keeping up-to-date with things online that what I used previously, but found I didn't always have time to read the full article when I first saw it.

To help provide some solution to this, without including any additional software or services, I decided to write a simple script that takes advantage of Readers 'Send To' functionality and creates a task within OmniFocus on your Mac.

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A better MysterBin Chrome search

Those of you familiar with using Usenet or NNTP may have previously come across MysterBin. It provides indexing and search functionality for items posted on Usenet, with a significant number of search filters to help users find (legitimate ones, of course) they are looking for.

The default search, however, is rather limited, and lacks some filters I believe should be included by default. I have modified the default search string in my version of Chrome, so that further filters are enabled on the default search.

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I am an experienced web application developer, with over a decades worth of experience in website technology. After learning HTML at an early age, I decided to pursue website development as a career and am currently employed as a full time website developer for Onstate, Leeds.

I posess a BSc in Ethical Hacking & Security Systems Design from the University of Sunderland, and in my spare time I enjoy DJing and the production of electronic music.